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Naïve looking babe in lingerie

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Lacy serene lingerie makes this baby doll with a pony tail look naive and candid, but only till she starts to undress!
Tags: women in hot lingerie, hot chick in lingerie
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Text comments (9)

Adriana ( 5 years ago )
Diana - Tamara I love you. Like I can't explain how I feel after sineeg these pictures. You are SO talanted. I cannot cannot wait to show these off! AMAZING!!!!!!!!
Sergey ( 5 years ago )
Pamela - Hi There,I would like to book a spot for your March 4th session, I have cceekhd out so many Edmonton Boudior sites, your photos are by far the best, i am so excited, hope it hasn't filled up yet!Pamela
Astrit ( 5 years ago )
- I love the new space,its so modern and chic. A great place to meet with your cetlnis! I've been following you on facebook for a while and your work is absolutely beautiful. Too bad you're in AB not ON
Silvio ( 5 years ago )
Cherie - congrats girl! all your hard work & aamzing talents are yet again alive & real. you have a gift Kat & how nice for you to have a space to illustrate that talent. xo Cherie
Claris ( 6 years ago )
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Krezza ( 6 years ago )
it wonderfully, as did also those who weiehgd in on similar experiences both males and females, both unmarried and married singles (those spouses are totally not interested in the nudist experience as is mine).  Last month I started to write a letter to the editor of AANR's  The Bulletin  on this topic but now I can share a portion of what I was going to submit.I am new to nudism and my first experience was last September in Canada.  While I was there they told me of a few clubs in my area which I e-mailed when I returned to the States.  Both are within an hour’s drive from my house.  I wanted to visit for the day but since I told them that I was  single,  and that my wife was not interested, both said  no' except for their  Open House  days which they hold but once a year or that I should be accompanied by a female.  (So a married person whose spouse has no problem with their going to a nudist club is not welcomed but one who shows up with a someone of the opposite sex whom they may or may not know, that is OK?  Something is wrong here.)  I would think that being an AANR member should carry privileges which permit at least visits if not membership to clubs.  If one steps out of line then their membership to both the club and to the AANR could be forever revoked.  So either you come as a couple, a family or as an AANR card carrying member.  However, neither club even bothered asking if I were an AANR member before denying my visit request.  One club, which is a 4-hour drive from my house and knew that I was an AANR member and that I would be visiting alone, did allow me to visit and rent a room for the night.  However, as soon as they learned that I was married, they informed me that either I bring my wife on my next visit or my grounds fee would be that of a couple and not a single.  My question to the AANR is this, if the AANR’s mission is to educate the public that nude recreation is healthy and a wholesome environment (which is exactly what we all expect) and to dispel the believe that these clubs are swing clubs where people just get naked and have sex, then why do clubs think that singles only want to visit or join their clubs for anything other than what the AANR stands for?  The AANR needs to educate the clubs regarding single males and females before it can educate the general public.  If the AANR cannot dispel this belief held by their clubs, then how can the AANR expect the general public to believe their message?  And if they cannot dispel this erroneous belief then the AANR needs to revise its “Bill of Rights” where Point #6 states that one should be able to practice nudism “…free from considerations of age, gender, marital status, ….”  Perhaps both “gender” and “marital status” need to be removed and the word “Nudist” should be replaced with “Nudist couples and Nudist Families”.  For myself, being a nudist whose wife is not interested at all in being a nudist or even going to a clothing option club,I do not feel my rights are being protected by the AANR.  But at the same time I would like to thank those clubs, of which I know a couple, which do accept singles.  It would be nice to hear from the candidates in the upcoming 2012 AANR elections and hear their viewpoint of “singles” at AANR clubs and how they will uphold the  Nudist Bill of Rights .
Navas ( 6 years ago )
Christina - These photos are ablosutely gorgeous. I've always known Diana is photogenic but these just take it to a whole new level! Tamara you captured everything you described about this amazing woman (aka my wifey)
Mohab ( 6 years ago )
"sybil" was a book written about a woman with mtuilple personality disorder, due to abuse from her mother at a young age. it was a true story and the abuse is HORRIFYING, like i almost threw up.if you go to my blog and search in the top "sybil" i think ive mentioned it beforeif youre interested in psychology, i definitely would recommend itgood call on teh semi-paris hilton chick below
Punky ( 6 years ago )
Pamela - Hi There,I would like to book a spot for your March 4th session, I have cheeckd out so many Edmonton Boudior sites, your photos are by far the best, i am so excited, hope it hasn't filled up yet!Pamela

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